domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010

Special day ~

Hello once again ~

Well, it is late once again, the night is coming
and look forward to reading me via MSN with some
person who became very special to me n//n ~

Lian ~ so I say n//n, is a unique ~: 3
but hey now >w< goy was a nice day, I made a lot things ~
and hear some music right now, to make peace and have ne
encouragement, I thought it would be a Sunday half boring,
Like some past, but it was a Sunday
Special n///nU

and dont know what else to say things, and... omg!
Lian logged!
So I'll see if I reach to talk >///////See you soon! ~


sábado, 23 de octubre de 2010

First entry


Wednesday night, the moonlight, sitting on my notebook
open this blog, today, I have much to say, I am somebody
of few words, what if, I'll be doing albums, with my cosplays
and fails videos from time to time with some new Fandub ~

We do not give you data, maybe later nwn, and I do not know .. right now
had gone to look at the moon, but does a better cooler than me between x3,
and no more believe ~